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Hearing from Seldom Heard Groups

We are committed to hearing from seldom heard groups and work on the understanding that going out to our diverse communities is the best way to understand and capture their experience of accessing health and social care services.  

Over the last few years, we have heard from several different communities - some of whom share similar challenges in accessing services and this is why we compiled these view in our 'Access and experience of GP services – findings from our community focus groups' report.  


Latin American Women (first published 2013 and revised in July 2014)

Deaf Support Group (Dec 2013)

Somali Women's Focus Group (June 2014)

Bengali Women's Focus Group (June 2014)

Young people's experiences of sexual health services (Jan 15)

Social Care Support for Carers (Jan 15)

Bengali Focus Group with Macmillan Cancer Support (Oct 15)

Vietnamese and Chinese Mental Health Focus Group (Oct 15)

Gypsy and Traveller Community Focus Group (July 16)

Findings from our Trans Survey (Sept 16)