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Information and signposting

Healthwatch Southwark provides an independent information and signposting service for health and social care. We help people identify places they can go for care and support, and suggest ways to resolve difficulties. We keep anonymous records of the problems and questions people tell us about and feed them back to providers and commissioners of services.

We can...

  • Put you in touch with sources of information, or direct you to NHS and social care services
  • Explain how to complain about services and where to get support with this
  • Put you in touch with an advocacy service if you need it
  • Feed back themes or key issues to commissioners and those responsible, so they can make improvements.

We can't...

  • Investigate your complaint
  • Make a complaint for you
  • Take on casework to resolve issues ourselves
  • Give medical advice or advice on where to go
  • Provide counselling, intensive emotional support or support during a mental health crisis. We can signpost you to people who have the right skills for this.

If you work for an organisation that supports people in Southwark, and think that it would be useful for the Healthwatch Southwark team to talk through some of these topics with your group, get in touch!

How to reach us

Email: info@healthwatchsouthwark.co.uk

Call: 020 7358 7005

Webform: http://healthwatchsouthwark.co.uk/content/speak-out

We are not able to provide signposting on a walk-in basis. We are a small team and may not be available, and our office is not set up for this type of conversation. If you have special requirements which mean you are unable to describe your problem by email or telephone, please request a 15-minute signposting appointment in advance.

Alternative support

NHS Complaints Advocacy Service - If you feel that you need support to raise your concern or complaint with an NHS service, you can contact POhWER's NHS Complaints Advocacy Service. They can provide independent, free and confidential information and support to people wishing to make a complaint about the NHS. You can contact them on 0203 553 5960 , via email at LondonIHCAS@pohwer.net or visit their website at www.pohwer.net 

Our 'Do you know' Guides can tell you more about the topics we're contacted about most often:


Do you know...how to register with a GP

Do you know...how to see a GP when the surgery is closed

Do you know...how to make a complaint

Do you know...what services are offered by pharmacies

Do you know...how to get emergency contraception in Southwark

Do you know...where to get tested for STIs and HIV

Do you know...if you're entitled to social care support

Do you know...about support that is available for carers

Do you know...about patient online services

Do you know...where young people can find information and support about mental health

Do you know...where young people can find information and support about sexual health

Email: info@healthwatchsouthwark.co.uk

Telephone: 0207 358 7005