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Are we eating enough of this life saving food?


Popcorn in a bowl

An article by the BBC says that people in the UK are eating well below recommended daily amounts of fibre per day.

With a diet crazes hitting mass markets, 'fibre' is indeed not the sexiest thing to talk about but it comes with a stream of health benefits.

"Naturally it reduces the chances of debilitating heart attacks and strokes as well as life-long diseases such as type-2 diabetes.

And it helps keep your weight, blood pressure and cholesterol levels down."

Researchers from University in New Zealand have found that 20g of fibre is the minimum we should be including into our diets per day, however we should try to consume over 30g grams per day to reap the benefits. You can read full article here. 

Including more fibre doesn't require a complete overhaul of your diet, it could just mean a few conscious substitutions.

Some may be surprised that decent fibre levels can be found in the tastiest of treats, like air- popped popcorn, dark chocolate and raspberries (Yum!)

Head over to the NHS website, where you can see tips on how to increase your fibre intake.

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