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Hello! Could you 'Dare' yourself confident?


Do you experience worry over your body? Have you experienced body shaming that you struggle to put behind you?

Are you are dominated by thoughts of changing parts of your body or feel frustrated over your looks?

You are NOT alone.  

Dare project 2


In fact, 90% of women experience body image anxiety and 80.7% of men talk about their body in a way that draws attention to weight, lack of hair of slim frame.

12% of male teenagers are using unproven steroids/ supplements and young girls are more afraid of becoming fat than cancer, nuclear war or losing their parents.


We asked Ursula Joy, at Project Dare to explain how they tackle this issue:

" Project Dare runs a course named the 'Dare Sessions' that helps to nurture confidence and a positive body image using drama based challenges that are a little bit Daring. Participants are supported to achieve the 'Dares' in a safe space and so their confidence is increased.

Project Dare derived from the mental health service user movement and the workshops are created from the perspective that self-development can be a lot of fun. We have run workshops for adults, adults with mental health issues, psychologists, young adults, girl guides, learning difficulties and are currently working with LGBTQIA+ groups in conjunction with South London and Maudsley Hospitals".

"After attending the Project Dare Session Workshops people leave knowing their passions, strengths, they celebrate the skin they are in, they are courageous - no longer afraid of making changes to their lives, and they care for their bodies and their minds.

More than anything else, participants – who we call 'Darers' find that taking part in the course means that they are true to themselves, they are confident, have a glow about them and go on to live a life that is authentically theirs.

This is our commitment to each and every person on the program.

That they dare their way to confidence, self-compassion and a positive body image and they are supported every step of the way, whilst having as much fun as possible.

The future is indeed, Daring "

For further information on Project Dare:

You can visit their website or follow them on Facebook.

If you work with people who would benefit from taking part in the program and would like to book the workshops for your organisation, message Ursula at ursula@projectdare.co.uk.


Email: info@healthwatchsouthwark.co.uk

Telephone: 0207 358 7005

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